Get to know your guests

Our E-Box 4.0 suite of solutions is an integrated platform that allows a marketing department to fully mange its online presence and to develop 1:1 communication with clients.

We help identify repeat business opportunities, potential loyal guests, guests who need a booking motivation and strategies to reactivate former guests.

We have developed a powerful Client Relationship Management System, Content Management System and E-mail Marketing platform. We also work with proven .Net technologies to manage all type of customers' journeys, from B2B to B2C.

Retarget and lower the cost of guest acquisition
Improve data collection and security
Data integration across different sytems

E-Box – A dedicated industry platform

E-Box is an integrated platform specifically created for marketers to strategically manage their online presence and to develop 1:1 communication with guests.

The platform is modular and scalable in order to cater for different needs. We help companies to collect and analyse data while building their first online presence or to further develop those that already have an established presence.

Bring your customer journeys alive with the E-Box suite of solutions.

New Revenue Streams

Optimise your campaigns to reach and engage your guests like never before. Activate your CRM data for targeting and find new prospects with lookalikes. Re-engage guests within the customer journey across all digital communication.

1:1 Guest Relationship

Living your brand values across every touch point is integral to building strong relationships. The customer is at the centre of your communication and deserves truly unique experiences. E-Box enables you to create powerful 1-to-1 customer journeys across email, mobile, social, ads and the Web that connect seamlessly across marketing, sales and services throughout the client experience.


You have less than a second to connect, make sure your messaging is relevant. Easily filter your subscriber base to send targeted email messages based on their personal data and previous interaction with your brand.


Track visitor behaviour and preferences in real time, then turn insights to action through personalised content for each visitor to increase conversions, click-through rates, and bookings values.

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